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Essential Things to Know about Two-Factor Authentication

In today's world of growing digital crime and the Internet scam most people are familiar with the significance of online security, usernames, logins, and passwords, but if you ask them the question "What is two-factor authentication?" the probability is that they will not understand what it is or how it works, even though they may use it in every single day.

With standard security methods (particularly online) only requiring a username and password it has become very easy for criminals to gain access to a user's private information like individual and financial information and then use that information to hand over fraudulent acts, usually of a financial nature.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication , also known as 2FA is an additional layer of safety that is known as "multi factor authentication" that needs not only a password and username, but also something that user has on them, i.e., a portion of information only they should be acquainted with or have quickly to hand like a physical token.

Using a username and password together with a portion of information that only user knows makes it difficult for prospective invaders to get access and take that person's individual data or uniqueness.
Many people do not understand that this type of security method is called two-factor authentication or 2FA and probably do not even consider it when using hardware tokens, provided by their bank to use with their card and a personal verification number when looking to finish Internet banking transactions. Simply they are using the benefits of this kind of multi factor authentication.

Using two-factor authentication processes can help in lowering the number of cases of individuality theft on the Internet, as well as phishing through email because the criminal would require more than just a username and password information.

The problem to this security method is that new hardware tokens need to be ordered, then issued and this can be responsible for slowdowns and issues for a company's customers wishing for and waiting to get access to their own private information through this authentication process. The tokens are also generally small and simply lost so creating more problems for everyone when customers call in asking for new ones.

Using two-factor authentication without tokens is known as tokenless authentication that can be send through Bulk SMS Gateway . This kind of authentication can be regarded as faster and inexpensive to fix and manage across different networks.


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