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Magento Order SMS Notification

Magento offers all fundamental functionalities that an e-commerce store needs. Magento delivers order update alert by email. But, different customers do not verify email frequently. In this type of condition, if store owner delivers order update by mobile SMS, then it will be useful to customer.

Employing this extension, store owner can deliver quick order update alert via MagentoSMS notification to clients via SMS. Admin can personalize SMS text effortlessly.

Quick notificationSend quick SMS alerts for order status update to your clients.

 Modified configuration

Administrator can personalize SMS text for diverse order status update.

Enable or Disable
Activation and deactivation of delivering SMS on specific order status update.

Actual world interaction
Mobile number linked with billing address or shipping address will be employed to send SMS.

SMS gateway API

Extensions can deliver SMS through world's any SMS sending gateway.

Trial SMS

Trial SMS gateway configuration by delivering trial SMS.


Bulk SMS India – An innovator in Current Political Situation

Due to technical explosion and beginning of various methods of communication, SMS technology is getting popular since ages. It takes lesser time in comparison to call or delivering e-mail. Appointing bulk SMS services in political situation certainly creates individual link between public, and provide with problem free solution in set-up and implementation. If you have completed research and discovered that bulk SMS services come out to be a successful promotion tool for you, then you must undeniably take benefit of it. Next to it, bulk email, transactional SMS and Vtiger SMS are also gaining popularity these days.

In political situation, bulk SMSs play an essential role in developing awareness and making plans and policies additionally. It is important to set up a link with the different members of the party; or else the needed results can not at all be obtained. SMS marketing come out to be a part of current political campaigns being the foundational element at this age. This process…